Big Happy Summer Singing

A Big Singing Thank you to all of you who attended our Big Sing at Croydon’s amazing Ambition Festival

Here’s a photo and some of the feedback we received….

Big Sing Croydon Ambition Festival July 2015
Big Sing Croydon Ambition Festival July 2015

For me again I feel it’s healing, it’s therapy. When you are stressed out there, when we come together its like you feel you are healed and you feel it’s helping you to go ahead some more days, like you have a smile –when you are out there you are just miserable but when we come here we smile and laugh – that’s community – I love it! – Susan

It’s addictive and the side effects are good! – Mike

We do invite you to come and join us in the Autumn at Matthews Yard at the special World Peace Day Event on 21st September to relaunch Croydon Community Choir – all welcome!

Warmest wishes

Catherine and Katie